Richard Paoloni: EM in Review

Paolini considers key talking points in Emergency Medicine from the past year, including high sensitivity trop T, non invasive real time vital sign measurement, and new forms of anti coagulants.

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Ian Seppelt: ICU in Review

Seppelt ranges over a year of fraudulent behaviour, reviews, and news in intensive care.

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Paul Young's talk suggests how honey bees, senegalese grasshoppers, and desert iguanas might prompt a large RCT investigating paracetamol use in the context of fever.   

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Goudie expounds upon the virtues of being approximately right rather than precisely wrong when performing cardiac ultrasound. 

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Marek Nalos gives us the finer details of using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for respiratory illness.

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Bowra examines the possibility of 'turning off the machine' and behaving like a doctor versus a detailed examination of the IVC. 

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Brian Burns: Trauma Before & Beyond the Hospital

Brian Burns on managing trauma patients in extremis and extreme conditions.

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Michael Parr: Trauma Performance: How good can you get?

Michael Parr's 'how-to' for maximising hospital care: systematic, protocol driven, and technology intense.

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Anthony Holley: War - What is it Good For?

Anthony Holley brings a military perspective to advances made in trauma management on and off the battlefield.

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Cath Hurn: There will be Blood! (Massive Transfusion & Hemostatic Resuscitation)

Cath Hurn chews through some data and gives us some of the finer points of fluid resuscitation.

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