Step into the shoes of Mary McCaskill as she walks us through some not to be missed neonatal presentations. 

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Andrew Numa: When Enough is Enough

Andrew Numa on the art of defining futility in conditions of uncertainty and rationing healthcare to maximise benefits. Another paeds talk from SMACC 2013.

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Simon Carley: Relax, Children are Just Little Adults

Simon Carley shines a light on the value of a resuscitationist in the realm of paediatric medicine, the first in our line up of paeds talks.

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Cliff Reid makes things happen conveying the core concepts of an optimal resus as performative act. Our final talk from the resuscitation plenary.

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John Myburgh brings his experience and analysis to bear upon the use of catecholamines in the crashing patient. The second talk in the Resuscitation plenary.

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Scott Weingart's call to resuscitationists. The first of three Resuscitation plenary talks. Scott's amazing Podcast is found at

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The Director's cut features a low-key talk through the Opening Ceremony video with Oli Flower and Roger Harris.

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Welcome to the beginning of a series of podcasts, released in video and audio formats, of the Social Media and Critical Care Conference 2013. This first podcast, in video format only, is the entire opening ceremony of SMACC 13 filmed 11th March, featuring the SMACC 13 opening video.

In the spirit of free, open access medical education, we appreciate all of the hands which have contributed to making these releases possible, not least the inspiring and thought provoking contributions of the SMACC 13 key speakers.

*Warning: Video not suitable for viewing while operating heavy machinery.*

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