SMACCForce: CRM Panel Discussion with Clare Richmond, Neil Jeffers (Pilot), Per Bredmose, Mike Lauria, Tom Evens

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Why it's critical that we care? The global refugee crisis exemplifies some of the greatest challenges facing our global institutions and liberal world order today: from human rights, xenophobia, sexism and economic protectionism, to terrorism and climate change. National and international responses to the refugee crisis are sculpting moral and political norms around the globe. As Hannah Arendt, the German-born Jewish political theorist wrote, "The manifestation of the wind of thought is not knowledge but the ability to tell right from wrong, beautiful from ugly. ...[T]hinking gives people the strength to prevent catastrophes in these rare moments when the chips are down". It is now critical that we not only care, but think deeply, about our attitudes and policies towards refugees, wherever we come from.

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Hardcore EM: Vasopressors in the ED by John Greenwood

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SMACCForce: Turning up the gain on prehospital ultrasound by Luke Regan

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Hardcore ICU: Timing of neuroprognostication in postcardiac arrest management by Sara Gray

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A no-holds barred series of 6 provocative medical interrogations. We challenge the state of research, social media, pharmacology, social work, women in medicine, medicine in the developed work, and the health of healthcare workers. It should be novel, it may get heated, and it is not scripted. Sometimes to comfort the afflicted you also need to afflict the comfortable. This is why no prisoners will be taken, no topic is out of bounds, and no ego will be pampered. It may even offend: you have been warned.

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SMACCForce: Telemedicine transcends borders in disaster response by Raed Arafat

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Ultrasound is an important adjunct for caring for cardiac arrest patients, but trans-thoracic can deter from important hands-on compressions. TEE may solve that problem by providing high quality images of the heart without interruption in CPR. Additionally TEE provides useful information about compression depth and quality that no other diagnostic tool provides. TEE is already being used in some centers and its use continues to grow.

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