Westafer, Lauren — Adventures in FOAM: Gizmo Idolatry or effective learning? The allure of false idols? Lauren Westafer examines how FOAMed compares to traditional medical education. Are patient outcomes being affected?

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Ray Raper examines the continued use of the pulmonary artery catheter in critical care. Are alternative monitors up to the task ?

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John Myburgh on the misunderstood craniectomy. The management of raised ICP and what we do when our options run out.

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Mark Wilson gives an expert rundown of the fundamental principles of ICP monitoring. 

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Steve McGloughlin on tactics and treatment. Critical care specialties as the frontline for the assesment and management of exotic diseases.

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Scott Weingart simplifies emergent data on our approaches to early, goal-directed therapy in sepsis. How a little goes a long way.

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Education as an Intervention. Damian Roland highlights how patient outcomes should be a benchmark for the quality of our teaching.

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John Myburgh on the emerging evidence for the use of beta-blockade in sepsis. Direction for future research.

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Jeremy Cohen examines changing paradigms in fluid resuscitation. Is recent focus on the glycocalyx justified?

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Compassion, Confidence, Honesty. Greg Kelly on how to offer better palliative care.

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Leaving bicarb behind. David Story on rethinking acid-base balance in critical care.

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Michelle Johnston tackles a weighty problem. The challenges of morbid obesity in trauma.

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How does our approach to the paediatric patient and their family help or hinder us in critical care? Natalie May reveals all.

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