Penny Stewart's enthralling tales of high acutity cases in rural and remote Australia. A unique take on consistently challenging case-mixes.

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The quest for normality. Chris Nickson reflects on our perpetual number chasing. What constitutes 'normal' in critical care patients.

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Cracking the chest. Michaela Cartner on the nuances of cardiac arrest post cardiac surgery.

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Richard Levitan on 'conquering the fear'. Tips and tricks for emergent paediatric airways.

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Setting up for Success. Anthony Lewis highlights the importance of preparation and planning to minimise emergent airway failure.

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Tools for success. David Pilcher examines the plethora of available tools for outcome prediction in critical care.

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Levitan, Weingart, Hind, May, Neil - The Airway Experts discuss all things cricoid, BURP and checklists. Airway Q&A

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Bilgrami, Westafer, Gatward, Rogers, Brazil, Roland - FOAMed and the future of medical eduction. The education Q&A.

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O's in the Nose. Richard Levitan's tips and tricks for optimising the nasopharynx as part of your airway management.

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Lipman, Raper, Murphy, Philpot, Myburg, Mitchell - The ICU Q&A panel discuss clinical scenarios.

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Yogesh Apte gets back to basics. How we should integrate physiology into our bedside clinical practise.

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The Twitter debate comes to a dramatic conclusion. Should Airway doctors use checklists ?

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Rethinking paradigms. Keith Greenland on the realities of difficult airways; A talk not to miss

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