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Coda Change


Coda is a not-for-profit, international collaboration, dedicated to improving clinical education globally. We do this by creating engaging podcasts and videos and releasing these for free, in hopes of reaching as many people as possible.

Founded by the same team that created the SMACC worldwide conference series, Coda is a passionate advocate for FOAMed (free open access medical education) and we believe that together, we can strive for a healthier world.

We are proud to have released over 800 podcasts for medical professionals. Covering countless topics, we have collaborated with some of the very best brains in the world to bring you a library of resources which are relevant for all healthcare specialties.

If you found our library of podcasts interesting, please help us by sharing to others who may benefit. It is only with the help of our community that we are able to reach wider audiences and contribute to free open access medical education globally.