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Coda Change

Jan 31, 2023

Healthcare Saves!

Healthcare Pollutes!

Healthcare is responsible for 7% of Australia's carbon emissions, consumes 10% of Australia's GDP, and has numerous other adverse environmental effects.

In this talk, Forbes McGain, an anaesthetist and intensive care physician, introduces healthcare's polluting ways, and how...

Jan 31, 2023

The chair, Kate Charlesworth opens by explaining that the healthcare system has a big problem – we are, in effect, producing our own patients. We use huge amounts of resources; produce vast amounts of waste and have a big carbon footprint. Globally, if the healthcare system was a country, it would be the fifth biggest...

Jan 30, 2023

Beyond Zero Emissions is an independent think tank that shows through research and innovative solutions how Australia can prosper in a zero-emissions economy. Over the past 10 years we have published research on how to decarbonise sectors of the economy such as energy, transport, buildings and heavy industry.


Jan 20, 2023

Each speaker delivers a short high impact clinical case from practice ranging from conflict zones to 2 week boarding in the emergency department in India. These cases have been chosen because of the profound personal impact upon the clinician. Following the clinical cases, Ben will facilitate a debrief to explore...

Jan 20, 2023

Ankur Verma opens the podcast by telling his listeners that he’s going to share with them something that happened during the time that Delta was in its dreadful stages in both Australia and India.

He goes on to talk about a case that took place during the Delta wave, when minutes matter. He recounts a patient - Mrs P...