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Coda Change

Mar 31, 2016

Daniel Kornhall's is an introduction to snow avalanche physiology and the realities of mountain rescue.

Dying in an avalanche is an extremely rare cause of death but for us who live in mountain regions and who enjoy winter mountain sports it is a thing that needs to be dealt with. The overall mortality in avalanche...

Mar 29, 2016

Two legends of medical education, doctors Johnathan Sherbino and Robert Cooney go head to head debating whether assessment is a barrier to learning. Sherbino argues that assessment is in fact a first essential step in the learning process.

Mar 24, 2016

Making Teams Work - Chris Hicks

In Chris Hicks talk Making Teams work, Hicks discusses the systematic failures in training ourselves and our trainees for chaotic situations. He challenges the assumptions that people learn over time by osmosis (by just watching) and debunks the idea that by watching physicians will...