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Coda Change

Oct 30, 2015

Hemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable death following trauma. Deborah Stein talks REBOA - who, what and...

Oct 29, 2015

Beating sepsis in Latin America is a serious challenge. Flavia Machado descibes the 5 major issues & how they're being tackled.


Oct 28, 2015

Education Theory for the Clinician - Jonathan Sherbino will improve the quality and efficiency of how you...

Oct 23, 2015

Shreves shows palliative care providers how to re-align with their patients and provide the highest quality end-of-life experience.

Oct 22, 2015

Karim Brohi on tranexamic acid in trauma. With the "TXA denier's handbook" laminated with sarcasm, Karim's talk is...