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Coda Change

Dec 28, 2018

SMACCForce: CRM Panel Discussion with Clare Richmond, Neil Jeffers (Pilot), Per Bredmose, Mike Lauria, Tom Evens

Dec 19, 2018

Why it's critical that we care? The global refugee crisis exemplifies some of the greatest challenges facing our global institutions and liberal world order today: from human rights, xenophobia, sexism and economic protectionism, to terrorism and climate change. National and international responses to the...

Dec 14, 2018

Hardcore EM: Vasopressors in the ED by John Greenwood

Dec 12, 2018

SMACCForce: Turning up the gain on prehospital ultrasound by Luke Regan

Dec 11, 2018

Hardcore ICU: Timing of neuroprognostication in postcardiac arrest management by Sara Gray