M Cartner: Mass Casualties and Real Disasters

Cartner and Cartner bring some insider information to managing mass disasters.

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Gerard Fennessy: Anaphylaxis - the dying breaths

Fennessy adds an unexpected high note to the topic of managing the anaphylactic patient.

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Minh Le Cong gives the finer points to maximise best outcomes managing the airway.

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Weingart does thoracotomy.

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Gatward: Guerilla Sim: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

Gatward details the application of mobile and in-situ simulation training for medical teams.

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Vassiliadis inspires with his trajectory from novice to teacher of airway skills and checklist applications.

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Webb delineates the case for experience over hierarchy in advanced resuscitation scenarios.

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Victoria Brazil: Communication in the Heat of Battle

Brazil illustrates the depth of communication required in medical practice between people within health care delivery systems.

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Little's erroneously named presentation underlines the importance of including complementary and alternative medicines in the clinical picture.

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Andrew Dawson: Tox Asian Style

Dawson draws on his experience in areas of high prevalence organophosphate poisoning to optimise management of sick patients.

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