The Emergency Medicine panel discuss high sensitivity troponins, stroke thrombolysis and problems facing emergency medicine

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Sonophiliac, Justin Bowra highlights strategies for teaching our juniors to become adept at utilising bedside ultrasound in critical care settings 

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The single best test ? Pierre Janin examines the use of transthoracic echo in ICU. The best possible applications and how they will change patient outcomes.

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The power of the probe. Matt Dawson delivers an emotive talk on minimising paediatric procedural risk with ultrasound.

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Death of the stethoscope? Mike Malin demonstrates the power of bedside ultrasound, unique applications, and future directions.

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The Future of Bleeding. Anthony Holley enthralls the crowd with exciting advances in blood product replacements.

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The mental game. Richard Levitan on how our approach to the difficult airway benefits from planning and introspective affirmation.

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Conquer the random number generator. Lawrence Weinberg's guide to modern haemodynamic monitoring devices.

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Three Tiered Therapy. Ollie Flower gives an enthralling history of seizures throughout the ages and expertly outlines the management options for terminating status.

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What's in the box ? Andy Neil expertly demonstrates simple approaches to neuroanatomy and the interpretation of imaging.

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Resistance is futile?. Jeff Lipman examines our dwindling antimicrobial arsenal. How can we bolster our defenses?

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The Sim revolution. John Gatward on the future of simulation in critical care. Strategies for pulling it off, no matter your resources.

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