It's not easy bringing a resus room to a cliff-face. Brian Burns illustrates some of the daunting challenges encountered in the pre-hospital environment

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Disaster Medicine! Mark Little on strategies for the 'away team'. How the focus of medical teams needs to change when faced with large scale catastrophes.

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Geoff Healy rises above traditional views on the use of anaesthesia, highlighting the unique challenges and key role it plays in the pre-hospital environment.

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Is mum always right ? Roger Harris' evolutionary approach to feeding in the ICU. Are we fighting mother nature?

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Evolution and inflammation. Karim Brohi critiques our approach to sepsis and how we should consider more judicious, multi-directional approach.

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The 1%. Jeremy Cohen examines what makes us unique. Are there observable genetic traits that will determine how we respond to severe illness and can we measure them?

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Exploration medicine. Glenn Singleman enthralls the crowd with tales of the deep, his experiences following James Cameron into the Mariana trench.

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Rob mac Sweeney dissects the current evidence base that governs our diagnosis and management of ARDS. Distressing results.

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Jeff Lipman explores how our conventional regimes for drug administration may be drastically underperforming when treating our critically ill patients

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Karel Habig reveals exciting, emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionise pre-hospital care. 

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