Seeing the future with Pieter Peach. Technological developments that are sure to influence the way we learn and teach medicine.

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Roger Harris & Oli Flower announce opening of registration for SMACC Chicago - 5th (US/UK) / 6th (AUS) November 2014. They explain why you need to get in quick:

  • Save Cash
  • Don't miss out on workshops
  • Don't miss this unique event

And much more.

Go to for more!

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Mark Little builds a framework for the clinical approach to patients with suspected poisoning or envenomation. Particularly useful in a country where everything is trying to kill you.

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A conniseur's guide to the different families of non-invasive cardiac output monitors. Haney mallemat expertly details the pros and cons of each.

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Vampire Planet? Ed Litton on the worldwide dependance on blood products. Future strategies for reducing our requirements.

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Anaphylaxis and Anaesthesia. Michael Rose examines changing paradigms in how we approach the 'allergic' patient. Risks, Reactions and Results.

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Is base excess the new bicarb ? David Story's breakdown of an often complicated and confusing topic.

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Imogen Mitchell critiques our relationship with MET. How current medical and nursing education is propagating junior staff reliance.

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Steve Smith enthralls the crowd with an eye-opening exploration of subtle ECG changes with potentially catastrophic outcomes

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Augmentation by Echo. Deidre Murphy examines advanced aspects of bedside echocardiography, and the immense amount of information it provides in a critical care setting.

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Rob Rogers delivers an emotive and inspirational speech on the dying art of bedside teaching. How we can return to our roots

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Celia Bradford dissects the fundamentals of renal replacement therapy and examines its niche in the ICU.

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A golden mile too far? Lewis Macken dissects evidence suggesting that chasing urine output in burns patients leads to overzealous fluid resuscitation.

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Crystal caves in Mexico. David Rosengren's enthralling tales of humidity, hyperthermia and human limits. How does the body cope?

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