Neurologic airway manipulation is unforgiving; errors lead to hypoxia and secondary injury. Managing the airway with an eye towards success, the first time, every time, without allowing sats to drop below 90% is the holy grail of neuro airways. Selection of RSI techniques, DSI techniques, and pharmacologic management is critical for success. The TBI airway with ICP issues and the post tPA airway present unique problems and the failed extubation in the neurologic patient is as common as the day is long. We will explore the latest theories and data (if there are any) and debunk some common myths together during this session.

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“Meeting of the Tribes” brings together clinicians from a broad range of health professions--including medicine, nursing, social work, and physiotherapy--to explore interprofessional issues in critical care. In addition to their clinical work, panelists have unique perspectives on education, simulation, and resilience in healthcare. In discussing issues related to tribalism and their implications for interprofessional practice, we will explore what it will take to overcome a tribal mentality in the service of improved patient care. In this session, we will strive to: (a) present a snapshot of the status quo, (b) explore key issues and their implications for clinical practice, and (c) envision of future of enhanced interprofessional collaborative practice.

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When/how to reverse coagulopathies for ICH/TBI? By Ronan O'Leary

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Moderate panel discussion on FOAM Open Access Medical Publishing Data sharing

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Who should pull the trigger on tPA for acute ischemic stroke? By Rhonda Cadena

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Bringing Lessons from MERT back home

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Debate: diagnosing Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: CT/LP vs. CT/CTA. Fernanda Bellolio vs Bill Knight

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Humorous musical interpretation of life as a doctor, featuring singing at a piano.

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This talk is the start of a three day smacc journey into simulation, introducing Leah before she enters the hospital system, beginning where life happens - the prehospital world.
Simulation is a tool which allows us to rehearse our skills and scenarios before they happen in real life, to real people, our patients. Many clinicians dislike simulation, they know it is good for them, but find it challenging to drop into a world of manikins, fear performing in front of their peers and find debriefs uncomfortable.
This talk will consider the purpose of simulation and its role in providing a safe working environment for clinical care anywhere.

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