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Preparing your hospital for a disaster

Sara Gray Synopsis: This talk will highlight essential components of hospital-based disaster planning.

We will discuss tips for planning training exercises, getting funding, and effective debriefing. Preparedness really matters, find out why!

Discuss essential components of a disaster plana.All hazardsb.IMS structures. Should your plan be long or short?
2.Talk about training exercisesa.Low fidelity versus high fidelity exercises.Getting funding
3.Review why debriefing mattersReferences and Links1.Canada’s national preparedness site, pitched mostly to individuals
2.Ontario’s Emergency Management Office site includes some training tools and resources for organizations
3. The CDC Emergency Preparedness Site
4. FEMA’s site has some good resources for organizations.
Also has an interesting text message program about hurricanes and other natural disasters, where people can sign up for text updates about local disasters.
5. A good site for improving debriefing skills:

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Improved patient outcomes as the goal of training. With this philosophy in mind, Bill Hinkley shares his three pillars of training; train yourself, train as a team, train others.

Advice from an inspiring educator on how to build a personal learning network, tips on training as a team and how influential passionate educators are to teaching others.

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Roger & Oli go through the latest information about registration for smaccDUB, discussing the program, workshops, student rego, the ticket release, why Dublin, other pre-confernece events, the social program and accommodation. See you in Dublin!

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The third of the three part literature review extravaganza with Chris Nickson and Rob Mac Sweeney. This time, it's the best of the rest...

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Minh Le Cong gives the finer points to maximise best outcomes managing the airway.

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Weingart does thoracotomy.

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Gatward: Guerilla Sim: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

Gatward details the application of mobile and in-situ simulation training for medical teams.

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Vassiliadis inspires with his trajectory from novice to teacher of airway skills and checklist applications.

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Webb delineates the case for experience over hierarchy in advanced resuscitation scenarios.

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Victoria Brazil: Communication in the Heat of Battle

Brazil illustrates the depth of communication required in medical practice between people within health care delivery systems.

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