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Preparing your hospital for a disaster

Sara Gray Synopsis: This talk will highlight essential components of hospital-based disaster planning.

We will discuss tips for planning training exercises, getting funding, and effective debriefing. Preparedness really matters, find out why!

Discuss essential components of a disaster plana.All hazardsb.IMS structures. Should your plan be long or short?
2.Talk about training exercisesa.Low fidelity versus high fidelity exercises.Getting funding
3.Review why debriefing mattersReferences and Links1.Canada’s national preparedness site, pitched mostly to individuals
2.Ontario’s Emergency Management Office site includes some training tools and resources for organizations
3. The CDC Emergency Preparedness Site
4. FEMA’s site has some good resources for organizations.
Also has an interesting text message program about hurricanes and other natural disasters, where people can sign up for text updates about local disasters.
5. A good site for improving debriefing skills:

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Improved patient outcomes as the goal of training. With this philosophy in mind, Bill Hinkley shares his three pillars of training; train yourself, train as a team, train others.

Advice from an inspiring educator on how to build a personal learning network, tips on training as a team and how influential passionate educators are to teaching others.

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Roger & Oli go through the latest information about registration for smaccDUB, discussing the program, workshops, student rego, the ticket release, why Dublin, other pre-confernece events, the social program and accommodation. See you in Dublin!

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The third of the three part literature review extravaganza with Chris Nickson and Rob Mac Sweeney. This time, it's the best of the rest...

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Minh Le Cong gives the finer points to maximise best outcomes managing the airway.

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Weingart does thoracotomy.

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Gatward: Guerilla Sim: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

Gatward details the application of mobile and in-situ simulation training for medical teams.

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Vassiliadis inspires with his trajectory from novice to teacher of airway skills and checklist applications.

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Webb delineates the case for experience over hierarchy in advanced resuscitation scenarios.

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Victoria Brazil: Communication in the Heat of Battle

Brazil illustrates the depth of communication required in medical practice between people within health care delivery systems.

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Little's erroneously named presentation underlines the importance of including complementary and alternative medicines in the clinical picture.

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Andrew Dawson: Tox Asian Style

Dawson draws on his experience in areas of high prevalence organophosphate poisoning to optimise management of sick patients.

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Buckley analyses the details and prescribes a more logical remedy for a toxic overdose.

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Geoff Isbister: Does antivenom work?

Isbister bites into the how, why, when, and what for of antivenom use.

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Litton investigates the use of the intra-aortic balloon pump in high risk patients.

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Sharon Kay: Echo for Everyone: 5 Things Never to Miss

Sharon Kay puts SMACC front and centre while polishing up your echo skills.

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Hurn talks us through thrombelastography on the front line.

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Ken Faulder: Clot Retrieval and the Future of Stroke

Faulder weighs in on intraluminal therapy in acute stroke management.

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Ian Seppelt: Time is Brain: The Neurocritical airway

Seppelt joins the dots on the big picture of neuro-critical airway management.

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Simon Carley: Wrestling with Risk

Carley chews through numbers and logic to arrive at some good reasons for diagnostic indeterminacy.

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Chris Nickson: All Doctors are Jackasses

Nickson steps back to consider the metacognition of it all in the pursuit of minimising medical errors.

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Cliff Reid: How to be a Hero

Reid's not to be missed talk takes medical care to a whole new level. Prepare to be moved.

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Weingart does indeed take you on a journey into the mind of the resuscitationist, while simultaneously attempting to slow your heart rate down enough to manage a patient hell-bent on exsanguinating with the odds stacked against you. Join him for a shot of adrenaline drizzled with a dose of wisdom.

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Two teams pit their wits in the finals armed with their ultrasonography experience and an ultrasound machine.

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Holley: Transfusion and Coagulopathy

Holley analyses the cascade of events in bleeding trauma patients leading to Australia's latest evidenced-based guidelines on transfusion protocols in critical bleeding.

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Macken: Targeted Temperature Management After Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Macken looks with a cool and calculating eye at the application of therapeutic hypothermia following out of hospital cardiac arrest.

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Cohen drills down on the thinking and value of using steroids in sepsis in the way that one of the creators of large international trials can.

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Tessa Davis: How to Create a Medical App

Davis aims to spare you some of the pitfalls and arm you with some tips along the journey from non tech app idea to fully fledged release.

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Karel Habig: To Air is Human

Habig draws from his experience in aeromedical retrieval to consider how we improve our medical practice.

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Brazil gets you clued up in the art of presentations from newbie to tech savvy in 30 minutes.

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Julian Walter: Law and Order in Social Media

Julian Walter clarifies what 21st century tech activities you ought to avoid to keep your medical career in optimum health.

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Michelle Johnston: Lessons from the Classics

Johnston draws us away from the the dry aptness of medical texts to prise open our more expressive, sensitive selves with sage words. 

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Joe Lex offers up his hard won advice on succeeding as an emergency physician.

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Kia Wahl: Be Seen, Be Heard (The View from Google/YouTube)

Wahl brings her technological know-how to smacc to help you maximise your foamed presence.

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Joe Lex: An Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Lex reflects upon the art of learning in the field of medicine as an indispensible practise for medical professionals.

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Simon Carley: Anarchy in the UK

Carley delineates the potential of an anarchistic mindset to bring developments in the field of medical care.

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Join Weingart on the path to excellence strewn with medical books, and a list of journals which is truly insane. Once Weingart has your head in the right space, revel in the reading at EMCrit's Recommended Reading page.

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Mike Cadogan: Forget Social Media...Get #FOAMed!

Cadogan fronts up on the creation of #foamed and current developments in free open access medical education. 

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Victoria Brazil, Mike Cadogan, Simon Carley, Joe Lex, Chris Nickson, Ming Le Cong, and Anthony Holley consider the pitfalls and potential of free open access medical education and social media.

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Carley considers the future of open access and traditional forms of education.

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Victoria Brazil: Technology Versus Learning

Brazil sizes up the limitations and possibilities of technology and social media applied to medical education.

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Joe Lex, Osler, and Hippocrates on free open access medical education as a tenet of medical practice.

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A meander through the grounding ideas and aspirations of social media and critical care with Joe Lex, Scott Weingart, Mike Cadogan, Simon Carley, Chris Nickson, Nadie Levick, and Oliver Flower.

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Kane Guthrie packs all the Free Open Access Meducation highlights from the past year as he can into 30 minutes.

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Alex Tzannes talks reviews areas of advancement and contention in pre-hospital and retrieval medicine for the past year.

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Richard Paoloni: EM in Review

Paolini considers key talking points in Emergency Medicine from the past year, including high sensitivity trop T, non invasive real time vital sign measurement, and new forms of anti coagulants.

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Ian Seppelt: ICU in Review

Seppelt ranges over a year of fraudulent behaviour, reviews, and news in intensive care.

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Paul Young's talk suggests how honey bees, senegalese grasshoppers, and desert iguanas might prompt a large RCT investigating paracetamol use in the context of fever.   

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Goudie expounds upon the virtues of being approximately right rather than precisely wrong when performing cardiac ultrasound. 

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Marek Nalos gives us the finer details of using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for respiratory illness.

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Bowra examines the possibility of 'turning off the machine' and behaving like a doctor versus a detailed examination of the IVC. 

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Brian Burns: Trauma Before & Beyond the Hospital

Brian Burns on managing trauma patients in extremis and extreme conditions.

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Michael Parr: Trauma Performance: How good can you get?

Michael Parr's 'how-to' for maximising hospital care: systematic, protocol driven, and technology intense.

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Anthony Holley: War - What is it Good For?

Anthony Holley brings a military perspective to advances made in trauma management on and off the battlefield.

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The erudite John Myburgh condenses fluid resuscitation data down to a palatable brew. 

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Anthony Delaney: Goal Directed Therapy – Where are the Goalposts?

Anthony Delaney examines the evidence for usefulness of goal directed therapy in the septic patient.

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The lowdown on getting your priorities straight and your doses optimised when tubing a shocked patient.

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Matt O'Meara reads the fine print on fluid management in paeds and straight talks on best practice.

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Step into the shoes of Mary McCaskill as she walks us through some not to be missed neonatal presentations. 

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Andrew Numa: When Enough is Enough

Andrew Numa on the art of defining futility in conditions of uncertainty and rationing healthcare to maximise benefits. Another paeds talk from SMACC 2013.

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Simon Carley: Relax, Children are Just Little Adults

Simon Carley shines a light on the value of a resuscitationist in the realm of paediatric medicine, the first in our line up of paeds talks.

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Cliff Reid makes things happen conveying the core concepts of an optimal resus as performative act. Our final talk from the resuscitation plenary.

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John Myburgh brings his experience and analysis to bear upon the use of catecholamines in the crashing patient. The second talk in the Resuscitation plenary.

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Scott Weingart's call to resuscitationists. The first of three Resuscitation plenary talks. Scott's amazing Podcast is found at

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