Cohen drills down on the thinking and value of using steroids in sepsis in the way that one of the creators of large international trials can.

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Tessa Davis: How to Create a Medical App

Davis aims to spare you some of the pitfalls and arm you with some tips along the journey from non tech app idea to fully fledged release.

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Karel Habig: To Air is Human

Habig draws from his experience in aeromedical retrieval to consider how we improve our medical practice.

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Brazil gets you clued up in the art of presentations from newbie to tech savvy in 30 minutes.

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Julian Walter: Law and Order in Social Media

Julian Walter clarifies what 21st century tech activities you ought to avoid to keep your medical career in optimum health.

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Casey Parker: The MacGyver Dilemma

Casey Parker offers up some juicy generalist knowledge from his experience in the far north west of Australia.

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Michelle Johnston: Lessons from the Classics

Johnston draws us away from the the dry aptness of medical texts to prise open our more expressive, sensitive selves with sage words. 

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Joe Lex offers up his hard won advice on succeeding as an emergency physician.

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Kia Wahl: Be Seen, Be Heard (The View from Google/YouTube)

Wahl brings her technological know-how to smacc to help you maximise your foamed presence.

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Joe Lex: An Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Lex reflects upon the art of learning in the field of medicine as an indispensible practise for medical professionals.

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Simon Carley: Anarchy in the UK

Carley delineates the potential of an anarchistic mindset to bring developments in the field of medical care.

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Join Weingart on the path to excellence strewn with medical books, and a list of journals which is truly insane. Once Weingart has your head in the right space, revel in the reading at EMCrit's Recommended Reading page.

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