Think about improving your thinking. Simon Carley examines the only constant in our ever-changing medical world.

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Question everything! Louise cullen examines the minefield of published research and importance of reading around topics, not articles.

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Tony Brown's emotive expose on the bias of medical research and publication. The flaws in our current paradigms.

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The ABC's of practicing what we preach. Cliff Reid examines the over-complication of resuscitation and our need to return to the basics.

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Cliff Reid delivers another moving talk on when we should, and especially when we shouldn't stop when resuscitating.

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Simon Carley examines the value that diagnosticians place on risk factors. Are we under or over diagnosing ?

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Roger Harris and Oli Flower talk about next year's SMACC conference - why the dates have been locked in for 23-26 June 2015 and what makes this conference different.

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