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Coda Change

Apr 24, 2017

Ross Fisher gives his take on how to make your presentations better!

Delivering a presentation is a skill like any other, yet few people are actually develop this skill. Instead, they merely copy those they observe and reach the same level of mediocrity.

There is more to a presentation than your slides.

Ross gives his three main elements of any presentation: The story, the media, and the delivery.

In Ross’ view, these elements are all equally crucial to delivering a great presentation. He calls this concept ‘p cubed’ where each element is represented by P1, P2 and P3 respectively, and these elements are multiplied together to give the overall quality of the presentation.

The lesson here is that a small improvement in any area will garner and overall improvement in the presentation. Ross will guide you through practical tips for each of his key elements.

Firstly, your presentation needs to be grounded in an engaging concept in order for the audience to care about what is going on.

Moreover, Ross discusses the use of media and why slides of text are unhelpful and why PowerPoint sucks! Along the way he teaches you how you can utilise PowerPoint to you advantage to effectively get your point across and to avoid the strikingly common errors used.

Lastly, Ross gives his thoughts on the delivery and performance and how you can utilise these skills to improve your presentations. Ross will make you uncomfortable when he highlights the wrongs that we are all guilty of in giving presentations. The p cubed concept gives an understanding of presentation design that will change your presentations forever.

How to Give the Greatest Presentation in the World: Ross Fisher

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