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Coda Change

Jul 22, 2021

From #CodaZero Live, Varun Harish provides an overview of the surgical management of burn injuries.

He talks us through how surgeons make decisions regarding burn management, including the importance of early assessment and intervention.

Burns evolve, what you see at the beginning is going to be very different in 24 hours and different again in three days.

Importantly, the management and principles of intervention differ for minor burns compared to severe burns.

For smaller burns, the golden rule is two weeks. If there is a good chance that the burn will heal in two weeks, intervention is avoided. If this is not the case, intervention in the way of a skin graft or other surgical procedure is usually the best option.

Varun details how the management priorities shift for larger burns. Larger burns significantly increase the chances of infection, making it important to intervene earlier rather than later.

Tune in to an interesting talk on the Surgical management of burn injuries by Varun Harish.

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