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Coda Change

May 25, 2021

The Covid restrictions saw an increase in Telehealth services and a flow-on effect was that it provided a safe space for people with accessibility differences. To sustain this, planning must go into adapting existing clinical practices.

We need triage tools to identify which consultations are suitable to provide virtual care before we can engage with patients and provide them with a choice. We need to better understand the problem before we can determine what service changes might appeal to people with accessibility differences.

People with lived experience need to be involved right from the start in the planning process. Healthcare must be open to the knowledge of what it is actually like to live with a disability. Then we can design new systems that narrow the gap and make the process of getting a diagnosis and seeing a clinician faster. As healthcare professionals, we are all incredibly busy, but taking the time to listen is when patient-centred care shines.

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