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Coda Change

Nov 10, 2021

Irma Bilgrami, Alissa Starritt and Paula Lyons believe that the pandemic has narrowed the great divide between ICU and ward care.

Covid has put incredible pressure on healthcare systems around the world. This has forced hospitals into overdrive, whereby staff have been redeployed and models of care have changed.

Evidently, the pandemic has challenged the strict guidelines which we use to direct patient care and define critical illness. Wards are managing patients with much higher acuity, sparking the danger of normalising the abnormal.

How do we navigate these murky waters?

Irma, Alissa and Paula take a deep dive into these challenging issues. Irma asks, how are the wards going? How are the staff going? And importantly, what lessons can we take away for the future?

Additionally, they address the health and wellbeing of staff in our hospitals after a challenging two years.

Evidently, healthcare professionals and nurses have found themselves with increased workloads, providing clinical support, emotional support and teaching support all in one go.

Irma, Alissa and Paula explain that there are lessons to be learnt from the pandemic.

The pandemic has forced some of the existing hierarchical walls to come down and there is opportunity for us to critically think about how we can work differently in the future.

Tune in to hear the full discussion: How the pandemic narrowed the great divide between ICU and ward care.

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