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Coda Change

Oct 28, 2020

Action Stage: Stage One - Identify Technology in medicine is advancing at pace, providing unparalleled opportunities to process information and to improve both outcomes and safety for healthcare. But with this good comes many challenges and even dangers. How can we better share information and distribute the opportunities equitably? What are the safety mechanisms and who is providing the oversight?

This episode of CodaZero is the first under the Educate pillar. It is the perfect opportunity to start examining the benefits and risks posed by rapidly changing technology within healthcare. The Educate pillar remains at the ‘identify’ stage of our staged action-plan development process. At this stage the conversations are just beginning and are designed to highlight possible area for further action. Join us for this fascinating first session, divided into four concise but richly revealing conversations.

Conversation one examines the role of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. What are the opportunities as we push the boundaries and where are the challenges? Are there inherent biases in the algorithms and could these cause harm? Will healthcare workers be replaced by AI or will it be that healthcare workers using AI will replace those that don’t?

In conversation two the tables are turned, and we move from discussing speed as the main goal to focussing in on Indigenous methods of learning. Perhaps slowing down is the answer? What might an Indigenous AI algorithm look like?

Conversation three examines what have we learnt from the pandemic and what learning processes can be evolved.

Finally, conversation four highlights the demise of public interest journalism as a result of media power being concentrated in the hands of a few tech giants. The echo-chamber of our own media feeds is a dangerous proposition. Perhaps the solutions to these early discussions lie in greater connections and breaking free of the echo-chamber by challenging ourselves to listen more to others with differing experiences and opinions.

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