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Coda Change

Dec 22, 2015

What is it that enables some physicians to step into a high pressure situation with poise, presence, and consistently perform to their capabilities?

What else is there beyond technical knowledge and clinical skill that can be developed to help immunize the person that is a physician from some of the more human challenges that can present?

In a field so ripe with immense performance pressures, demands, and expectations what are those people doing who seem to thrive amidst it all?

In this session you will be introduced to a variety of strategies rooted in the principles of performance psychology, and their application in high-pressure performance environments such as medicine. Learn how the top performers I have observed through my extensive collaborations with physicians, and others in high-pressure fields (e.g. elite athletes, business leaders and military/tactical officers) have come to gain efficiencies in how they focus, stay perceptive, maintain equanimity, process their experiences, create and sustain an optimal “feel” in their work and ultimately, perform to their potential when it matters most.