The rehabilitation of people who have cognitive impairment after TBI should be based on an understanding of what is the likely cause of that impairment,

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Crystalloids and colloids used in critically ill patients have different fluid composition. The composition may affect many things, including response to administration, clinical outcomes, and adverse effects. This talk with discuss the evidence behind the different types of fluids in critically ill patients, including a discussion of pros and cons of each fluid type.The session will be an interactive discussion led by investigators who have conducted randomized trials of different types of intravenous fluids.

Direct download: 30_02_Todd_Rice.m4a
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The SMACC Opening Ceremony is an integral part of the conference welcoming delegates to an educational experience unlike any other. Inspiration for SMACC Sydney included the inverted triangle: the alchemical symbol for water which is steeped in history and meaning to represent the City of Sydney and a celebration of diversity and resilience. Retrofuturism influences the design and theming of SMACC Sydney by playing on different aspects of 80’s and 90’s popular culture. Using music as a storytelling medium the show presents a mesmerising and unique soundscape combining elements of classical, electronic and popular music deftly created by Composer and Music Director Jake Meadows. This year’s opening ceremony echoes the program through four stems and performances each illustrating the unique and essential role we play as critical care professionals: Learning and Culture, People and Planet, Bedside Critical Care and Science and Innovation. The show opens with a spoken word performance by Nardi Simpson, an Indigenous performer telling an electrifying story of the land and the importance of Country to Indigenous culture. This is then followed by a vocal ensemble performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, a cheeky throwback to an iconic piece of music and an homage to the importance of humour and levity in our line of work. A change of scene brings a dramatic dance performance performed by ICU Registrar Khairil Musa and his dance partner Sarah King reflecting on the tragic final moments leading to a cardiac arrest. The finale blends classic 80’s pop with the iconic sound of the synthesiser with a toe tapping performance of Van Halen’s Jump led by vocalist Maya Weiss as an uplifting tribute to creativity and innovation. Performed in the Sydney International Convention Centre Theatre to over 3000 delegates we present to you our best and most memorable opening ceremony yet.

Direct download: 29_Day_1__Opening_Ceremony.m4a
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Social media has allowed for important spread of medical knowledge to the public but has also seen the inexorable rise of fake news. Mistrust in the medical profession may be exasperated by misinformation in public domains. Prominent cases such as the Jahi McMath case have led to ethical discussions regarding death. How are we going as neurocritical care professionals?

Direct download: Done_Replacement_38_Celia_Bradford_01.mp3
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Direct download: 27_Day2__SI_0950_Team_Reflection_2.m4a
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Technology is good for learning‚ information and even wisdom at our fingertips, tech like simulation and virtual reality is cool. And technology really hit its straps with social and collaborative learning. But technology is bad‚ distracting, and multi-tasking impairs learning, our health can suffer, and good technology can be badly applied (eg PowerPoint as a "crime against connection" in presentations). Some technology is expensive without learning impact, and social media and the internet have dark sides. Vic offers us some thoughts on navigating the good, bad and ugly and suggests some personal strategies for making the most of technology for learning. And there is no Powerpoint.

Direct download: 26_Day3__LC_1415_V_Brazil.m4a
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It's hard to die without passing through MET-calling criteria; if you try to do so on a hospital ward, chances are you'll have an Intensivist next to you. By designing systems to detect patient deterioration, we've inadvertently invented acute palliative care. How did we move from resuscitators to out-of-hours death doulas so rapidly? Is death the future of Intensive Care Medicine?

Direct download: 25_12_Alex_Psiride.m4a
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A neonates journey, just what feedback would your neonatal patient give you after 3 months of intensive care? Listen to the innocent observation and experience of daily life in NICU and perhaps approach a future patient with little voice slightly differently.

Direct download: 24_01_Trish_Wood.m4a
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How can you live a full creative life in the midst of a busy medical career? Fiona gives a very inspiring talk at the Get Creative Workshop, discussing the fascinating pathway her life has taken, allowing her to fulfill her creative potential whilst still developing her medical career as a paediatric emergency physician.

Direct download: 23_Fiona_Reilly_-_Creativity_in_a_Medical_Career.m4a
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Direct download: 22_Day_1_PP_1510__Team_Reflection.m4a
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Delivery of safe healthcare currently faces unprecedented challenges in the UK and globally. This arises, at least partly, from a rising involvement of the criminal law in the investigation of medical errors apparently conflicting with the need to respect a "duty of candour". As a result, doctors face enormous pressures in fear of being blamed for medical errors. David Sellu is a consultant surgeon who was convicted for gross negligence manslaughter in late 2013 after the death of a patient in a private hospital. I (@DrJennyVaughan) was the medical lead for a group of David Sellu's friends as we launched a campaign to overturn his conviction. There has never been a successful 'out of time' appeal in this area of the law so we were dealing with almost impossible odds from the start. The positive result was extraordinary, both for David and our whole profession ( Since these events, I have supported other doctors facing criminal conviction, such as the paediatrician Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba, through my work with the Doctors Association UK (DAUK, @TheDA_UK). Thousands of doctors crowd-funded a campaign and successfully overturned a court decision to erase her from the UK medical register. Her case proved to be a lightning rod in the UK for a profession at breaking point. Many healthcare staff are working on critically under-staffed wards and in under-resourced departments, with an increasingly unmanageable workload.

DAUK have since launched a "Learn Not Blame" campaign to improve safety for patients and healthcare professionals. We believe that the involvement of the criminal justice system in these cases often does not allow an appreciation of the interplay of individuals within complex health systems. We also remain particularly concerned that a recent analysis of conviction trends shows an excessive conviction rate of black and minority ethnic (BME) healthcare staff.

Direct download: 21_Day_2__LC_1445_J_Vaughan.m4a
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OHCA, Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest is surrounded in controversies from bystander CPR and the use of Adrenaline, to airway management and mechanical CPR. Who better to hear the latest updates from other than Gavin Perkins, author of Paramedic 2 and lead on ILCOR guidelines

Direct download: 20_03_Gavin_Perkins.m4a
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Learn how to reinvigorate yourself after nights, a period of downtime, or when you are recovering from compassion fatigue or post critical care exhaustion - Reflection is Key

Direct download: 19_Day_2__PP_1700_L_Crowe.m4a
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What can Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine teach us about life? Natalie May reflects on lessons learned at Sydney HEMS - from the practical to the philosophical.

Direct download: 18_Day_2__PP_1635_N_May.m4a
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Many critical care practitioners, like workers in other industries, sleep less than recommended amounts, in what is truly an epidemic of poor sleep in our modern industrialised society. The effects of sleep deprivation are serious and visible across all levels of our community. The actual proportion of people who can live on insufficient sleep is extremely low and the first step towards improvement is to recognise when our sleep tank is running on empty. Simple changes in daily habits based on optimizing sleep hygiene can lead to improved wellbeing and are highly likely to lead to profound improvements in physical, mental and emotional health and performance. Sleep quality may well be more important than sleep quantity. Shift work and the scheduling of multiple consecutive daily shifts are a serious impediment and must be considered carefully by our institutional managers. Taking naps is another seemingly simple but logistically challenging method to improve overall sleep. The bravado that sleep is not important needs to be carefully redirected in our hospitals as the health and performance improvements of practitioners seem likely to lead to greater work satisfaction, less burnout, improved teamwork and ultimately improved patient outcomes. Of course if most of us need more sleep, and will benefit from doing so, just imagine what might happen if our patients could get more sleep.

Direct download: 17_Day_2__PP_1610_A_Davies.m4a
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According to the WHO, there are more than 400,000 homicides globally each year, with millions more suffering from non-fatal injuries. Our hospitals and emergency departments care for many of these patients; however, many return with repeat injuries or are killed within 5 years. In order to reduce intentional violence, it is necessary to discuss and understand its root causes. Dr. Gore’s talk will touch on some of the root causes of violence and further discuss the program he founded called KAVI, a hospital,school and community based intervention as a way of both improving recidivism as it relates to violent trauma and decreasing the incidence of intentional violence overall.

Direct download: 16_Day_3__PP_0840_R_Gore.m4a
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Oli Flower presents at the Get Creative workshop on how to communicate with graphics. We all use images to get our messages across - how can we do this more effectively? He talks about understanding your target audience, techniques for brain storming, and the importance of getting criticised.

Direct download: 15_Oli_Flower_Communicating_with_Graphics_COMPLETE.m4a
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Evidence based medicine holds RCT's, randomised Control Trials, as the highest level of evidence but they are often poorly constructed and misinterpreted. This talk by world renowned clinical researcher Professor Simon Finfer analyses the common mistakes and failings of RCT's and describes way that we can do better.

Direct download: 14_05_Simon_Finfer.m4a
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Emergency Medicine operates early in the course of disease when uncertainty is high and information light. We need to do things that help us cognitively offload in the care of critically ill patients.In how many specialties would you be expected to acutely manage (and possibly resuscitate) anyone who comes to you for care‚ young or old, surgical or medical, sick or not sick with limited time and information. We are constantly having to think outside the box.Consider these 4 topics when thinking outside of the box: Bougie 1st Intubation, Mechanical CPR in OHCA, HD-Guided Epinephrine Drips in OHCA, and Stroke Ambulances.What side of the discussion do you fall on in these controversial areas?

Direct download: 13_09_Salim_Rezaie.m4a
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Episode 3 follows the trauma patient into the ICU and focuses on the management of Septicaemia, Antibiotics, Steroids for sepsis and how gender inequality within medicine can adversely effect patient outcomes.

Direct download: 13.1_Day_3__BCC_1210_audio_Road_to_Resus_Ashley_13.m4a
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Presenting the best literature on resuscitation published 2018 including Paramedic 2, Airways 2, CAM, A rapid fire review critically analysing the hottest papers published during 2018. A fantastic overview of all things resuscitation.

Direct download: 12_01_Aidan_Baron.m4a
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Cognitive bias and risk management are vital understandings to high performance teams in medicine . My extreme sports seem like extreme risk to many people but I have survived 20 years in these disciplines following risk management strategies learned in critical care medical environments. I am interested in the role cognitive biases play in every day and critical decision pathways. In particular I am interested in the Affect Heuristic. My talk borrows from my extreme sport and critical care experience to highlight the role that fear plays in every decision we make and how we can lessen the emotional bias of the Affect Heuristic. It will be a fun and visually spectacular presentation.

Direct download: 11_Day_2__SI_0900_G_Singleman.m4a
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The presentation guru Ross Fisher gives a workshop on how to be creative and engaging when you're presenting, no matter what your topic is.

Direct download: 10_Ross_Fisher_-_Creativity_in_Presentations.m4a
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Ken Milne the author of skeptics guide to emergency medicine SGEM reviews the hottest critical care literature for 2018 2019. Ken reviews articles from the Lomaghi trial on magnesium for rate control in Atrial fibrillation, Expulsive therapy for renal calculi with Tamulosin, Oxygen therapy in critical illness in the Iota trial and finally aromatherapy for nausea and vomiting.

Direct download: 9_03_Ken_Milne.m4a
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Peter Brindley interviews Khairil Musa about Performing Arts, specifically dance, and how this complements his career in critical care.

Direct download: 8_02_Peter_Brindley_Khairil_Musa_2019.m4a
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Episode 2: Series of three episodes spanning the patient journey from roadside pre-hospital trauma through the emergency and resuscitation rooms to the Intensive Care unit. In this first episode Ashley and Rueben use a panel of experts to examine some of the major pre-hospital resuscitation controversies including Pre-hospital intubation and blood tranfusion.

Direct download: 7_Day_2_BCC_1040__Road_to_Resus.m4a
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After many years of feeling frustrated about gender inequity and harassment in healthcare, I decided to do something about it. My advocacy in the age of social media has been a surprising and exhilarating journey, and led me to believe that even the most ordinary person, when activated around a cause, can have impact.

Direct download: 6_Day_3__PP_0830_E_Choo.m4a
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Exploring the many aspects of creativity which may, or may not, assist you in a life of critical care medicine.

Direct download: 5_Michelle_Johnston_-_Creativity_in_Fiction.m4a
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Paediatric constipation is a common problem and the biggest problem clinicians make is not taking a thorough bowel history. Forty percent of paediatric patients in Emergency have abnormal bowel habit. Constipation is not what you pass as a bowel habit but what you don't pass - Its what is left behind that causes the constipation.

Direct download: 4_08_Ross_Fisher.m4a
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The delivery of nutrition to the critically ill is incredibly complex. There is little evidence that providing standard nutritional requirements of 25K/cal/Kg improves outcome. Foremost amongst this evidence is the TARGET trial, a large randomised controlled trial of 4000 patients in Intensive care.

Direct download: 3_15_Paul_Young.m4a
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Road to Resus is a three day series of a patient experience, with critical decision points at every turn allowing the audience to decide on the course of action after hearing from topic experts.

Direct download: 2_Day_1_BCC_1210__A_Liebig.m4a
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Humans aren't wired for connecting immediate pleasure (unprotected sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes) with some ethereal medium-term risk. As a result, 'public health campaigns' rarely work. Meanwhile, we make decisions far less based on 'fact' than on 'emotion'. When did you ever see a chocolate ad telling you about the ingredients? This may be why we have failed to convince public or politicians alike to take action on climate change. Hugh will discuss such issues from his personal work in the climate change field over 20 years, giving examples of what he has tried- and why most of what he has done has failed.

Direct download: 1_Day_3__PP_0850_H_Montgomery.m4a
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SMACCForce: Prehospital Neurosurgery by Mark Wilson

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SMACCMini: I am the Decider

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SMACCMini: He's a bit different, he's a surgeon by Ross Fisher

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SMACCMini: The snakes and ladders of paediatric DKA - how to win every time by Heather Murray

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SMACCMini: So you think you can dance? Play and purposeful skills in PEM by David Krieser

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Hardcore ICU: Critical Care game changers

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Hardcore ICU: Talking to patients and their families about critical illness

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SMACCMini - Micro by Hazel Hilton

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Hardcore ICI: End of Life Care in the ICU

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Hardcore ICU: Panel Debate

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Hardcore ICU: When I prescribe blood on ICU

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Hardcore ICU: Anticoagulation for RRT: Heparin or Citrate?

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Hardcore ICU: What does raised ICP mean?

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Hardcore ICU: Rewriting the sepsis definitions for low to middle income countries

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Hardcore ICU: You cured their sepsis so why are they back in my ED?

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Hardcore ICU: Managing refractory hypoxaemia

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Hardcore EM: Next Level Lung US

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Hardcore EM: How an Emergency Physician Thinks

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Neuro ICU: DEBATE: Currently randomised controlled trials are of no use in advancing the care of patients with severe traumatic brain injury

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Neuro ICU: Organ Donation: Ethical issues including ECMO and organ donation

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Neuro ICU: Organ Donation: Preserving organs for donation (temp, fluids)

Direct download: evie_2_mix.mp3
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Neuro ICU: SAH: Cerebral salt wasting (real or imaginary)

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Neuro ICU: SAH: Diagnosis/vasospasm (prevention and management)

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Neuro ICU - ICH: To operate or not

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Neuro ICU: TBI: The elderly: decrying nihilism

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Neuro ICU: TBI: Using MRI as a prognostic tool by Virginia Newcombe

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Neuro ICU: TBI: When would I decompress? by Mark Wilson

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Neuro ICU: TBI: Still more questions than answers by Simon Finfer

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SMACCForce: E-CPR - Panel by Brian Burns, Paul Gowens, Lional Lamhaut, Steve Bernard, Nikki Stamp, Alice Hutin

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SMACCForce: Rant - Scene Safety is Bullshit by Christina Heron

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SMACCForce: Two Minute Remote Rant Everest by Sanjeeb Bhandari

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SMACCForce: Force of habit-effective situational awareness in resuscitation by Mike Lauria

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SMACCForce: LIVE EMS Nation Podcast - "Feeding the Flame" by Faizan Arshad, Raed Arafat, Lamhaut and Anne Creaton

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SMACCForce: Paramedics Under Siege by Craig Wylie

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SMACCMini: It's not okay: culture, communication and conversations in critical care by Nat May.


Note on podcast: unfortunately this recording from #DasSMACC skips in a couple of places. It doesn't impact the exceptional quality of this talk, we just wanted to give you the heads up. SMACC Team.

Direct download: Nat.mp3
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SMACCMini: The art of induction - how not lose them in the first 15 minutes / Intubating sick kids - small holes, big problems by Charles Larson and Andrew Beck.


Note on podcast: unfortunately this recording from #DasSMACC skips in a couple of places. It doesn't impact the exceptional quality of this talk, we just wanted to give you the heads up. SMACC Team.

Direct download: charles_andrew.mp3
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SMACCForce: Silver Care - Panel by Conor Deasy, Gregor Prosen, Mark Wilson, Raed Arafat, Cheryl Cameron

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Hardcore ICU: How kissing a frog can save your life by Matt Morgan

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SMACCMini: Living dangerously - CPR for the Fontan patient by Timo de Raad

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Hardcore ICU: Should we be admitting over 80's to the ICU? by Camilla Strom

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Hardcore ICU: Fluids: what, when and why? by Manu Malbrain

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Hardcore EM: Gut Ultrasound: The Next Frontier by Lauren Westafer

Direct download: SBO.mp3
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SMACCForce: Command gradient error in Prehospital Care by Neil Jeffers

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SMACCForce: Cognitive offloading for critical care retrieval by Stephen Hearns

Direct download: cognitive.mp3
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Critical care is viewed from different perspectives. How to clinicians, patients and families experience this life changing part of the health care system?

Direct download: critical.mp3
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While much of resuscitation focuses on the dramatic early minutes to hours of critical illness, many patients stay for days or weeks in the ICU. This talk will ask: why do patients get stuck in the ICU, and what might we do better to improve their care?

Direct download: jack.mp3
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After getting his chance to interrogate SMACC Superstars the people finally get their chance to get their own back as everyman Iain Beardsell asks the questions that everyone wants an answer to. Covering a wide range of topics it will focus on Peter's previous SMACC talks, including subjects such as teamwork and burn out and no doubt reliving his interviews across the week.

Direct download: iain.mp3
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The appearance of high quality hand held ultrasound machines mean we will all have imaging available at our finger tips. This talk details a personal study on the impact this can have on families. It also outlines the frequency of incidental findings and raises questions regarding the risk:benefit ratio in the discovery of an incidental finding. The financial and emotional costs of incidental findings are also enormous. For those practicing POCUS - the simple single question focused form of bedside ultrasound - one should remain focused and not be distracted by incidental findings you are not qualified or taught to recognise. Communication regarding the limitations of your scan are far more important. In those with advanced ultrasound education identification and further consideration of incidental findings is appropriate.

Direct download: james_audio.mp3
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Traditionally, the focus of critical care has simply been on keeping patients alive. This is not enough, now we need to focus on giving them their lives back too. Learn about the challenge of critical care survivorship in this talk.

Direct download: margaret.mp3
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The age of patients with TBI is increasing, especially in high income countries, and the median age of patients admitted to the ICU has doubled over the last three decades. Age is clearly a strong outcome predictor in TBI. However, the perception of a universally poor outcome has sometimes led to therapeutic nihilism and less aggressive treatment for older patients. The bleak outcomes that result from this approach reinforce self-fulfilling prophecies of poor prognosis and current prejudices. However, uniform nihilism is unjustified: when older patients are treated in a timely and appropriate manner, favourable outcomes can be achieved in a substantial proportion of patients. However, the high burden of prior comorbidity, pre-injury therapies (such as anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy), and reduced physiological reserve, not only affect outcome, but modulate physiology and host response, and hence demand changes in management strategies.

Direct download: david_audio.mp3
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We have difficult conversations in critical care. We deal with sick and complex patients who may be at the end of life. The families we talk to may be in a state of shock and acute grief, unable to think clearly and make important decisions. Patient safety incidents and other challenging issues such as organ and tissue donation may further complicate the patient journey. We will follow the story of Leah and the difficult conversations that were needed in caring for her and her family. We will examine some of the key elements that can contribute to successful communication in difficult circumstances. As clinicians, our training in this type of communication may be limited to observing our mentors, and we may feel inadequately prepared. We will investigate how simulation training can be used to improve the quality of communication, increase our skill and comfort level so that we can guide patients and families through complex and challenging situations. We will also investigate how lessons learnt from simulation debriefing can be transferred to the conduct of difficult conversations in real life.

Direct download: jong.mp3
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Failure is something even the very best regularly experience, in safety critical roles that failure can lead to death and maiming. I'll explore how we can understand and learn from these moments, and the essential behaviours and mindset that will both help us make sense of those complex moments but also allow the system to learn.

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SMACCForce: CRM Panel Discussion with Clare Richmond, Neil Jeffers (Pilot), Per Bredmose, Mike Lauria, Tom Evens

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Why it's critical that we care? The global refugee crisis exemplifies some of the greatest challenges facing our global institutions and liberal world order today: from human rights, xenophobia, sexism and economic protectionism, to terrorism and climate change. National and international responses to the refugee crisis are sculpting moral and political norms around the globe. As Hannah Arendt, the German-born Jewish political theorist wrote, "The manifestation of the wind of thought is not knowledge but the ability to tell right from wrong, beautiful from ugly. ...[T]hinking gives people the strength to prevent catastrophes in these rare moments when the chips are down". It is now critical that we not only care, but think deeply, about our attitudes and policies towards refugees, wherever we come from.

Direct download: vera.mp3
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Hardcore EM: Vasopressors in the ED by John Greenwood

Direct download: audio_johnp.mp3
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SMACCForce: Turning up the gain on prehospital ultrasound by Luke Regan

Direct download: turning_audio.mp3
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Hardcore ICU: Timing of neuroprognostication in postcardiac arrest management by Sara Gray

Direct download: audio_Sara_Gray.mp3
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A no-holds barred series of 6 provocative medical interrogations. We challenge the state of research, social media, pharmacology, social work, women in medicine, medicine in the developed work, and the health of healthcare workers. It should be novel, it may get heated, and it is not scripted. Sometimes to comfort the afflicted you also need to afflict the comfortable. This is why no prisoners will be taken, no topic is out of bounds, and no ego will be pampered. It may even offend: you have been warned.

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SMACCForce: Telemedicine transcends borders in disaster response by Raed Arafat

Direct download: audio_raed.mp3
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Ultrasound is an important adjunct for caring for cardiac arrest patients, but trans-thoracic can deter from important hands-on compressions. TEE may solve that problem by providing high quality images of the heart without interruption in CPR. Additionally TEE provides useful information about compression depth and quality that no other diagnostic tool provides. TEE is already being used in some centers and its use continues to grow.

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Hardcore EM: How We Assess Risk by Pik Mukherji

Direct download: audio_1.mp3
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Neuro ICU: EEG - Brain monitoring beyond seizure detection by Brandon Foreman

Direct download: Foreman_new_file.mp3
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SMACCForce: Retrieval Medicine Lessons Relearned by Cliff Reid

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SMACCForce: Neemo by Marc O Griofa

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Neuro ICU: ICH: BP management (ATACH-2 trial) by Celia Bradford

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Useful advice on how to fail at everything.

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SMACCForce: Training for high performance - low budget by Laszlo Hetzman

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SMACCForce: Suspension Trauma - Discussion - Demo by Jason van der Velde & Karel Habig

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