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Coda Change

Sep 29, 2020

Creativity is a highly valued and sought after skill; we all need to solve problems, think in novel ways, and generate ideas, but can creativity be learned?

This talk provides a practical framework to help you improve your creative thinking, enhance your problem solving and get greater access to your naturally creative brain.

You'll discover how creativity follows a process that can be developed at every stage. You'll learn how to challenge your assumptions and reframe problems. You'll discover techniques to help you generate more ideas and think more laterally. You'll even learn why you have ideas in the shower and how to access more creative brain states.

The talk will cover the following:

  • Creativity as a process, and how to build the creative habit
  • How questions help reframe problems and challenge your assumptions
  • How to promote more lateral thinking using divergent thinking strategies
  • Understanding convergent thinking
  • The neuroscience of "A-ha moments" and how to access creative brain states
  • The implications for improving creativity and problem solving

The speaker is Phil Dobson, author of "The Brain Book" and Founder of BrainWorkshops. Phil turns insights from neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychology into applicable skills for the modern workplace. His learning programmes provide brain-based toolkits of practical skills, backed by scientific research, helping people apply what we know about the brain to improve their performance and creativity at work.

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