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Coda Change

Sep 1, 2021

In this podcast, Claire discusses the role of clinician communication and its impact on acute pain management.

Claire explains how pain management outcomes can be optimised by enhancing patient expectations of benefit via patient-provider communication.

Firstly, what we say to patients matters. Secondly, how we say it also matters.

Pain is a complex phenomenon and managing expectations of pain and people’s experience of empathy is crucial.

As healthcare professionals, we see multiple patients and are often run off our feet, but, as the studies clearly demonstrate… communication matters. And it matters a lot in pain management.

This presentation shares research demonstrating the impact of clinician communication.

Specifically, this includes how clinicians' talk about pain and pain management. Claire discusses the importance of patients' experience of pain, the effectiveness of pain management and patients' treatment outcomes.

From CodaZero Live, tune in to a fascinating discussion on the importance of communication.

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