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Coda Change

Apr 24, 2017

Suman Biswas is an anaesthetist from London, however probably more famous for his satirical song writing career, gives a poignant talk about communication.

Suman provides his ideas about talking and communicating with patients. As everyone knows, anaesthetists do not need to talk to their patients!

Quite the contrary, as Suman divulges they indeed do. They need to establish rapport, gain trust and share information – much like every other member of the healthcare team.

Therefore, Suman will provide his musings on the use of language and the words we use when we attempt to succeed in these domains. Suman touches on the use of both verbal and non-verbal communication and the importance of nailing both when attempting to get a message across.

He similarly gives guidance on communication with patients who speak a different language to your own. This includes pointers on the use of interpreters. Suman moves on to communication with colleagues.

He talks about Anaesthetic Non Technical Skills (ANTS) – teamworking, task management, decision making and situation awareness. These are most prominent when under pressure, be that in a simulation or in an emergency.

They are all crucially important – as much as gaining a successful airway! Punctuated with some classic songs and delivered with his stand-up comic timing and panache, this is what SMACC is all about: an important message that could change your practice, delivered in a unique and unforgettable way. Language warning.

Communication in Healthcare (via Music): Suman Biswas

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