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Coda Change

Mar 28, 2017

Kieran Henry gives his insights into hospital handovers of major trauma.

He makes the comparison between prehospital care and the life lived in a Western movie.

Kieran stresses that he does not want you to behave like a cowboy, jumping off your horse (ambulance) as it is still moving into town, without much dialogue and with no one really knowing what is happening.

Instead, be the preacher man! Be cool, concise, and clear in your messaging. Prepare, practice and be professional.

Much like the preacher man, you will be listened to if this is how you carry yourself. You will then be able to convert the non-believers.

Delivering the handover message effectively and efficiently is crucial.

Tune in to Kieran to learn how to convert the non-believers into believers and do good patient handovers.

Hospital Handover of Major Trauma: Kieran Henry

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