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Coda Change

Apr 30, 2020

The Coda v COVID podcasts have been focusing on the non-technical skills we need to manage the pandemic crisis, but we have received increased requests to discuss more technical aspects of management. Accordingly, this is the first in a three part series dealing with the process for emergency intubation in the crashing patient with the novel corona virus. Here we discuss the technical protocols and the nomenclature around aerosol generating and airborne type precautions. Importantly, we also discuss the recent decision by some UK and Australasian bodies to designate chest compressions as a non-aerosol generating procedure, a decision that has caused ripples of confusion with different craft groups. This has added to confusion around PPE, again with different professional bodies providing conflicting advice for their members. Tune in to join the conversation as we attempt to decipher the messages and give our take on what we are doing and why.