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Coda Change

Aug 10, 2022

Health care constitutes 7% of Australians domestic carbon footprint with hospitals and pharmaceuticals being responsible for almost 2/3rd of these emissions.

We can reduce this carbon burden by addressing our practice habits, taking emissions into account, while achieving best practice care.

Three areas where we can really make a difference are in pathology ordering, asthma management and anaesthetic gases. In each of these, low carbon practice also constitutes good clinical practice, making climate action a win for emissions and a win for our patients.

In this recorded After Hours Webinar presented by Kate Wylie, Dr Roger Harris presents the excellent work that Coda Change is doing to address these three climate actions.

Dr Harris is a co-founder of Coda and a senior staff specialist in the intensive care unit at the Royal North Shore hospital and the Sydney Adventist hospital (SAN). He is dual qualified in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care and is passionate about education and climate change.


This is a recorded version of an After Hours webinar.

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