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Coda Change

Jun 7, 2022

In part 2 of this episode of the Coda podcast, Coda co-founder Roger Harris is again joined by Sydney-based Chris Anderson and Lausanne-based Frederic Michard, as they discuss how we can do better when it comes to deteriorating patients.

In part 1, the three intensive care specialists explored precisely what a deteriorating patient is, how big a problem they are and exactly why we should care – in this episode Harris, Anderson and Michard now look at ways in which the problem can be resolved.


Hosted by Roger Harris, he is joined by guests Frederic Michard - a Critical Care MD, PhD and Chris Anderson - a fellow intensive care specialist. Roger speaks to Frederic and Chris about ways in which healthcare professionals can recognise deteriorating patients sooner, and how they should be responded to, as well as discussing both solutions and how deteriorating patients can be better detected.


By way of a resolution, the three experts explore the idea of wearable, mobile solutions and – imagining the future of patient monitoring – they discuss what said solutions might look like, and how they will help nurses monitor deteriorating patients.


They also address the question that arises regarding which patients are most in need of monitoring, concluding that it’s those at the greatest risk of clinical deterioration.


Harris, Anderson and Michard also agree that there is reason to believe that new, future techniques will be able to ensure accurate detection of deteriorating patients, and that smarter software will make such a task more streamlined.


Michard finishes by noting the importance that healthcare professionals focus on individualising not only the monitoring that is on offer, but – equally important - precisely who is going to be monitored and when.


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This podcast is sponsored by GE Healthcare.