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Coda Change

Jun 7, 2022

In this episode of the Coda podcast, Coda co-founder Roger Harris is joined by Sydney-based Chris Anderson and Lausanne-based Frederic Michard, as they explore precisely what a deteriorating patient is, how big a problem they are and exactly why we should care.


Hosted by Roger Harris, guest Frederic Michard is a Critical Care MD, PhD, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, who trained in Paris University Hospitals and in Boston and is well known for his research work and publications, while Chris Anderson is a fellow intensive care specialist, also based in Sydney. Roger speaks to Frederic and Chris about why it is that many patients who are admitted to hospital for surgery end up staying due to complications, and the implications this has on both hospitals and nurses as a whole.


Also touched upon within the podcast is failure to rescue – or FTR – which is the failure or delay in recognizing and responding to a hospitalized patient experiencing complications from a disease process or medical intervention. They discuss the two main components – the failure to detect deterioration at an early stage and the failure to react appropriately and in a timely manner and the impact this can have on patients.


Addressing startling statistics – which suggest an alarming number of patients will die within 30 days of surgery - the three intensive care specialists pose the question: how do we better detect and monitor deteriorating patients?


They discuss everything from the unreliable recordings of respiratory rates to other inaccuracies that can impact both the treatment and detection of deteriorating patients, to the effect older patients on hospital wards are having on the complexity of cases and conclude that there is absolutely room for improvement regarding how patients are monitored.


Reflecting on the influence that Covid has had on hospitals, the three experts note that many health care systems are under strain in the post-pandemic world, and that the subsequent nurse shortages are a huge issue, particularly on hospital wards. They conclude that this too, is a reason to upgrade the way in which our patients are monitored.


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