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Coda Change

Apr 23, 2018

South pole...North pole, hot...cold, on space, below the sea...on Mount Everest, alone and far, far away. Gaynor Prince takes you to Union Glacier in the Ellsworth Mountain Range, Antarctica, to show you how useful ultrasound can be in extreme environments Gaynor relives the story of being in one of the most isolated places on Earth when she gets a Medivac alert. One of her clients, Jack, has become acutely short of breath. With her list if differential diagnoses including high altitude pulmonary oedema, heart failure and pulmonary embolism, Gaynor was presented with an enormously difficult decision. Whilst Jack’s safety was priority number one, in a place like Antarctica, no clinical decision is easy. With the weather closing in, and a huge amount of time and money having been invested in this journey by Jack and his companions, what was she going to do? The answer? Pull out her Phillips Lumify ultrasound machine. A thorough examination with the ultrasound satisfied Gaynor that her patient was safe and stable. Dry lungs, no elevated right pressures, and no signs of DVT of lower limb – meant Jack could stay at the South Pole. Not for the first time, the ultrasound saved Gaynor’s bacon and highlights why it helps her sleep easier at night. Ultrasound will make extreme environments less intimidating for the doctor by enhancing your diagnostic capability, honing your therapeutic management, and fitting into your pocket. This is a brief tale of a journey to Antarctica with a Phillips Lumify ultrasound. Find your passion and reach for the stars.

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