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Coda Change

Sep 23, 2020

Clinical supervision in our busy workplaces is hard. We balance patient safety, learning opportunities, and the workloads of senior and junior staff. The conversations we have to navigate this balancing act can affect patient outcomes, and how we feel about each other and our work. But these conversations don't always happen, and may not always go well.

Sometimes the feeling of "I'm scared', comes out as, "I don't think we need to intubate the patient".... In a given clinical circumstance, a supervisor might label that assessment as incompetence rather than recognise and address the underlying fear- that might exist for any number of reasons. These are the IFF moments of clinical supervision conversations, Identity, Feelings, Facts.

Sometimes the words we use are not the best guide to how we are actually thinking or feeling but they COULD be. Understanding whether our words convey Identity, Feelings or Facts and matching responses to those we are talking with will bring our clinical supervision conversations to the next level.

Vic, Jenny and Eve take us through a case study of potential IFF moments and encourage reflection on your own. Learn how to notice the IFF moments, name them and reshape the conversation to benefit learners, teachers, and patients.

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