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Coda Change

Dec 14, 2018

John Greenwood discusses the use of vasopressors in the emergency room. His talk focuses on three areas. First, he reviews vasopressors and categorises them based on resuscitation end points. Secondly, he addresses the concept of “pressor angst” and how it can significantly impact patient mortality. Finally, he will empower you to start vasopressors early in patients with distributive shock and sepsis. The tale of a 45-year-old lady with sepsis in the context of pneumonia is retold. John asks - what do you do? Initial fluid resuscitation has improved the vitals somewhat, but she is still hypotensive. Continue to give fluids? Sure – it seems to be what happens commonly. Starting vasopressors starts a cascade of events that will consume time and resources. It impacts flow, timing, and ability to see other patients. Often, the clinician knows it the right thing to do but does not want to pull the trigger. This process of having two conflicting beliefs in your brain at the same time is cognitive dissonance. In the context of using vasopressors, John terms this “pressor angst”. The hesitation to use vasopressors even when perhaps you know it is the right thing to do. It is a complex confliction of behaviours, beliefs, goals, and practices. Regarding vasopressors specifically, the clinician will be considering the logistics, bed crunch and procedures amongst other things! Why does the time matter? As John explains with reference to the literature, the time to the decision to commence vasopressors is hugely important in influencing patient mortality. There is a clear mortality benefit to starting vasopressors early. Norepinephrine started early can aid in adjusting preload, cardiac output, and afterload parameters. John steps you through the effect of norepinephrine on all metrics that contribute to. The conclusion is that early norepinephrine administration improves both macro- and microcirculatory function in vasoplegic shock. John wants you to avoid pressor angst! Do not be afraid of vasopressors and pull the trigger early. Finally, consider norepinephrine early in sepsis.

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