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Coda Change

Jun 5, 2017

Sarah Yong is an impressive person. Advocacy, Training, Representation and being a new fellow of the College of Intensive Care to boot.


Theres a lot to talk about when you sit down with Dr Sarah Yong. Let’s make it easy by focussing on three big issues;


Gender issues; Women in Intensive Care...

May 3, 2017

Darren Braude discusses the concept of Rapid Sequence Airway (RSA).

The evolution of this concept goes back to the start of the 21st century. Here, the practise of ‘archaic’ airway management was common. This involved getting that plastic tube down the patient’s trachea no matter what.

However, gradually, the...

May 2, 2017

Becoming competent in airway management requires good decision making and and technical skills. Ultimately what matters is how your clinical performance impacts patient outcomes. For this we need to have a clear understanding of what defines success ensuring that its more than just 'getting the tube'. Come to this talk...

Apr 30, 2017

Ellen O’Sullivan presents an outline of the Difficult Airway Society (DAS) Guidelines on airway management.

Airway management is a fundamental responsibility and skill of all involved especially for emergency physicians, anaesthetists and critical care physicians.

Ellen makes the point that mismanagement of airways...

Apr 25, 2017

Reuben Strayer presents a masterclass on airway management with laryngoscopy.

In the past two decades, airway management has been revolutionised by the development of video laryngoscopy, hyperangulated blade geometry, optical stylets, laryngeal masks, and a host of advances in airway pharmacology and technique.

The core...