John Hinds shows us why he will be so dearly missed in this superb talk from SMACC Chicago. This is about resuscitative thoracotomy but really so much more.

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Opioids are extraordinary agents that have been used for millennia for the relief of pain and suffering; however, the history of opioids is also one of abuse and addiction. In the US, we are in the midst of a devastating iatrogenic chapter in this history, a prescription opioid epidemic that kills 15,000 Americans per year by overdose and destroys hundreds of thousands of lives and families.

In this presentation we will consider the magnitude and consequences of the current epidemic; describe how clinical organizations and clinicians were appropriated by the pharmaceutical industry so that Americans–5% of the world’s population–consume more prescription opioids than the rest of the world combined; and discuss strategies for managing patients who present to emergency departments with acute or chronic pain complaints that account for our competing mandates to palliate and protect.

These strategies center on an assessment of the likelihood that using opioids will deliver benefit or cause harm. For patients at low risk to be harmed by opioids, utilize aggressive multimodal analgesia, including opioids as needed to control acute pain, and prescribe optimal outpatient non-opioid analgesia with a small number of breakthrough opioids if indicated. For patients at high risk to be harmed by opioids, including patients with chronic pain and patients with flags for opioid misuse, avoid using opioids in the ED and outpatient settings, utilize non-opioids to manage symptoms, and, when misuse is suspected, nudge the patient to addiction treatment. The goals of optimal opioid stewardship are to provide effective symptom relief while preventing de novo cases of addiction, to control the supply of opioids in the community, and to protect existing addicts from further harm while promoting recovery.

For slides, the HELPCard treatment referral business card, and phraseology to use when managing patients at risk for opioid misuse, go to

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Kath Maitland, the author of the FEAST study, talks about where we go now with fluids in kids, following FEAST

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Personal tragedy will touch all of us. Rob's talk is an incredibly personal story but offers much practical advice for dealing with the inevitable.

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Amal Mattu gives Career advice with help from The Princess Bride

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Liz Crowe talks on the role of religion in coping with devastating life events, such as those whitnessed in critical care

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John Hinds gives his last talk - on the subject he was most passionate about. Back with popular demand, More Cases from the Races.

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Chris Ross & Oli Flower discuss the latest update on SMACC Chicago - an incredible cadaver workshop with small group expert tuition on a huge range of critical care procedures. At a hugely discounted price. This will sell out so get in there fast.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Watch our fearless masters of Sim battle for galactic supremacy on the SMACC main stage. 

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Own the ventilator! Irma Bilgrami lays down a framework for analysis of ventilator settings and waveforms to enhance your daily practise.

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