Sharon Kay: Echo for Everyone: 5 Things Never to Miss

Sharon Kay puts SMACC front and centre while polishing up your echo skills.

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Larkin pulls a few hairy ecg's out of the bag before offering the solace of a host of brilliant foamed ecg references.

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Harris: Cardiac Output in the Resuscitation Room: Have you considered the right side?

Roger Harris exacts the forgotten part of the cardiac output equation and considers venous return in the management of the septic patient.

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Hurn talks us through thrombelastography on the front line.

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Brian Burns: Always Carry Your Scalpel

Burns gives us the finer points of scalpel do's and don't's.

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Ken Faulder: Clot Retrieval and the Future of Stroke

Faulder weighs in on intraluminal therapy in acute stroke management.

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Brannigan busts the current recommendations on the use of stroke thrombolysis by showing no evidence of benefit.

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Flower draws from experience to bring clarity to spinal cord management in the acute setting.

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Ian Seppelt: Time is Brain: The Neurocritical airway

Seppelt joins the dots on the big picture of neuro-critical airway management.

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Simon Carley: Wrestling with Risk

Carley chews through numbers and logic to arrive at some good reasons for diagnostic indeterminacy.

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