SMACC (audio)

Bowra examines the possibility of 'turning off the machine' and behaving like a doctor versus a detailed examination of the IVC. 

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Brian Burns: Trauma Before & Beyond the Hospital

Brian Burns on managing trauma patients in extremis and extreme conditions.

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Michael Parr: Trauma Performance: How good can you get?

Michael Parr's 'how-to' for maximising hospital care: systematic, protocol driven, and technology intense.

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Anthony Holley: War - What is it Good For?

Anthony Holley brings a military perspective to advances made in trauma management on and off the battlefield.

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The erudite John Myburgh condenses fluid resuscitation data down to a palatable brew. 

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Anthony Delaney: Goal Directed Therapy – Where are the Goalposts?

Anthony Delaney examines the evidence for usefulness of goal directed therapy in the septic patient.

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The lowdown on getting your priorities straight and your doses optimised when tubing a shocked patient.

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Matt O'Meara reads the fine print on fluid management in paeds and straight talks on best practice.

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Step into the shoes of Mary McCaskill as she walks us through some not to be missed neonatal presentations. 

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Andrew Numa: When Enough is Enough

Andrew Numa on the art of defining futility in conditions of uncertainty and rationing healthcare to maximise benefits. Another paeds talk from SMACC 2013.

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