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Chris Nickson: All Doctors are Jackasses

Nickson steps back to consider the metacognition of it all in the pursuit of minimising medical errors.

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Cliff Reid: How to be a Hero

Reid's not to be missed talk takes medical care to a whole new level. Prepare to be moved.

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Weingart does indeed take you on a journey into the mind of the resuscitationist, while simultaneously attempting to slow your heart rate down enough to manage a patient hell-bent on exsanguinating with the odds stacked against you. Join him for a shot of adrenaline drizzled with a dose of wisdom.

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Two teams pit their wits in the finals armed with their ultrasonography experience and an ultrasound machine.

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Holley: Transfusion and Coagulopathy

Holley analyses the cascade of events in bleeding trauma patients leading to Australia's latest evidenced-based guidelines on transfusion protocols in critical bleeding.

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Macken: Targeted Temperature Management After Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Macken looks with a cool and calculating eye at the application of therapeutic hypothermia following out of hospital cardiac arrest.

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Cohen drills down on the thinking and value of using steroids in sepsis in the way that one of the creators of large international trials can.

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Tessa Davis: How to Create a Medical App

Davis aims to spare you some of the pitfalls and arm you with some tips along the journey from non tech app idea to fully fledged release.

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Karel Habig: To Air is Human

Habig draws from his experience in aeromedical retrieval to consider how we improve our medical practice.

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Brazil gets you clued up in the art of presentations from newbie to tech savvy in 30 minutes.

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