Rob MacSweeney and Paul Marik debate whether the assessment of fluid responsiveness in the resuscitation of patients with shock a waste of time? Both Marik and MacSweeney agree that many of the traditional methods of assessing patients volume status are flawed and of no value. Marik goes on to argue that the only clinically meaningful outcome that we should measure in response to a fluid challenge is Stoke Volume. In at least 50% of patients there is no improvement in stroke volume and further treatment with fluid boluses will only likely cause harm. Marik goes on to argue that we must know where our patients are position on their Frank-Starling curve to predict whether they are fluid responsive and we can assess this with passive led raise.

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Pretty much everything I learned as a resident in terms of the sequencing of airway management in ED has changed over the past 15 years. No longer is there simply RSI or stick a laryngoscope in with nothing and use pure brute force to intubate a patient; we have a host of different options and pathways when approaching airway management in the emergency department.


This lecture discusses some of these updated ways of getting from a sick patient requiring airway management to a tube between the cords…with only minor technical mishaps.

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