Phil Hyde vs Greg Kelly - We Should Perform Therapeutic Hypothermia (T32– 34C) for Children After Cardiac Arrest

The recent publication of THAPCA-OH filled an important gap in our knowledge. THAPCA does not support cooling children after cardiac arrest which was a common practice until recently in many units. It is illustrative to look at how a practice became routine with no supporting evidence at it raises questions about what questions we ask and how we operate in the absence of good evidence.

Working in a remote hospital often means working without the aid of formal medical imaging or Labs. So does this mean that we must compromise on our patient’s care? No.

Bedside Ultrasound has changed the way I diagnose, treat and care for patients in this paradigm.This talk will explore the utility and a practical approach to bedside sonography for range of clinical situations: trauma, fracture management, sepsis diagnosis and resuscitation, Paediatric fever and bowel obstruction – all without X-rays.

Ultrasound can allow us to provide faster, more accurate and compassionate care – regardless of where you work.

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