Iain takes on a topic that is traditionally uninspiring and delivers an incredible talk that left the crowd in tears.

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Brohi dissects why trauma management has changed so dramatically in the last 20 years and how it may look in the future.

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Unforgetable live-on-stage demo of remote critical care neurosurgery in action. 

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Liz gave a standout performance on coping strategies for stressful situations, firing a shot at political correctness gone mad.

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Weingart tackles the dogma and evidence around resuscitation algorithms brings us the concept of truely advanced life support.

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The debate that ignited a war that is still raging. Whatever your stance, you need to hear this!

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Haney gives an erudite summary of the controversial topic of measuring and managing fluid responsiveness in shock.

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Brazil leads an all-star cast through a thought provoking discussion on the prickly topic of end of life care in critical care.

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Flipping the classroom. Victoria Brazil examines how different approaches to teaching can improve patient outcomes.

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Vic Brazil opens smaccGOLD with a powerful insight into how conflict between "tribes" in our everyday working environment can adversely impact upon patient care.

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