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Coda Change

Jan 26, 2017

Critical care practice in and out of hospital is a demanding field of medicine. It attracts a certain type of personality - the warrior: Those who want to do more, be more, work harder, evolve, innovate, be there for the big jobs, the complicated challenges. In a life that is becoming 24/7 and technology that can provide interventions and care in the this field of medicine that was only dreamt off a few years ago has become a reality, but also led to incredible high demands on our time, energy and dedication. We are dedicated to our cause, to our patients, to our services, but in the process, we are working longer hours, dealing with more complicated cases, higher demands and having more difficult advance care conversations. We work long shifts, live on caffeine but preach "first do no harm". We neglect quality sleep, good diets and in the process of trying to save others, might be killing ourselves. Fatigue is a killer and it is sneaking up on us like an enemy unseen. Whether you know if or not, you are in a battle for your own life.